About Us

Canopy Builders was founded in 2013 by Ben and Lauren Gelston, with the express purpose of building beautiful homes reminiscent of the Low Country of Lauren’s native South Carolina. Ben’s years of residential real estate development and general contracting experience combined with Lauren’s design talent and extensive experience working for several leading home builders in the Tampa Bay area formed the perfect partnership for realizing the vision of Canopy Builders.

Welcome to your New Home

Whether you are taking the first steps towards a new custom home, wish to purchase right away, or are interested in developing a project, our staff and partners have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. Let us know how we can help.

Canopy Quality

Luxury Finishes

Our homes are built with luxury finishes that most would consider upgrades. These rich touches are our standard in every house we build and provide a head start in building your dream home.

In-House Design

Our design staff provides personal service, attention to detail, guidance, and advice through our time-tested and highly organized design process. Building a home involves a multitude of choices, and our staff is your guide in bringing the vision of your home to life.

Personalized Approach

Not only do we work for you, we also work with you. Our customized approach allows for open communication & transparent processes, in all aspects of the build, including keeping costs under control without sacrificing your overall vision.


Bringing visions to life, one custom home at a time...